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Honoring Our Soldiers

Twentieth Century
Creative Commons-Sarunas Burdulis from USA

Twentieth Century "Angel of Mercy" -- D. R. Howe (Glencoe, MN) treats the wounds of Private First Class D. A. Crum (New Brighton, PA), "H" Company, 2nd Battalion, Fifth Marine Regiment, during Operation Hue City.

Commentary: The Prez and Vietnam

Commentary: The Last Full Measure Of Devotion

creative commons medals
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A Tour of Battlefields

World War II Vets-Get To Know Them

A Chaplain's story

30th Anniversary Of the Fall Of Saigon

Dragon Lady Dies

a chaplain in time
a chaplain in time, May 30 1969

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No one Dies Unless They Are Forgotten

Faces Behind The Names (.pdf book)

Deserters To The Rescue(story)

little boy at memorial day concert
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keep them flying, war 2 poster
vietnam war
U.S. army troops taking a break while on patrol during the Vietnam War Date
In Memory: Dan Brake
dan brake
Dan Brake

God Bless Dan Brake. We will will miss him. He was a great guy. Check out this tribute: Dan Brake

general william c. lee
General William C. Lee

We remember and honor all veterans and families that have made the ultimate sacrifice. We honor only a very few below. If we have seen an obit before on this website, that is not featured in this memorial day tribute, please let us know. We will try to find it and post it on our home page after the holidays. Our intention is not to overlook anyone we have featured before. God Bless and have a wonderful holiday.

General William C. Lee

James Blue

stones with flags at arlington
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I love my brother Raz. All my Brothers were so lucky that he was a part of our family. Raz was in the Navy and then in the Marines

George Raz Autry II

Victoria Bigham

phil woodall, author of rhymer in the sunset

"They may have died in vain but they lived in honor"

Phil Woodall : Rhymer In Sunset Author

Bob "Scotty" Scott: a paratrooper, a fighter.

Fred Ellis: funny, wild, three purple hearts

Gary "Doc" Smith: warrior with big heart

Tim "Sarge" O' Connor: soldier, author

Lamar Hunt: Chaplain, author, musician

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Rose 2011 Tribute

A Rose Collage Rosemary, The Lionhearted
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Tour of Battlefields