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american killing fields
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Rhymer In The Sunset is a book of poetry that tells the Vietnam story from a combat soldier's point of view. The poems were literally written in the heat of battle on scraps of paper, anything available.

The poems tell the Vietnam story-the frustrations of a soldier, they talk about his comrades in arms, his country, his leaders, the enemy, his losses.

The book is made even more poignant by actual photographs which have been faded, giving the effect of illustrating the poetry while not overshadowing it.

Rhymer In The Sunset is moving in its simplicity and emotional in its complexities just as the war was.

It is a book that will be read over and over again. It will appeal to every segment of American society, regardless of one's position on the Vietnam war.


American Killing Fields

Reader Highlights: "Couldn't put it down. The war scenes are so realistic. Best Vietnam War novel I have ever read. Should be made into a movie"...American Killing Fields is available on amazon.com



Jerry Davis Aughtry's novel portrays a young, privileged American who chooses to be drafted. As a combat soldier, Myles Jacobson, Jr., excels, while at the same time is disillusioned as he bonds with America's lower class who always fight our wars.

Jacobson's frustration begins when he sees and has to participate in free fire zones allowing for the killing of innocent civilians.

His angst continues when he sees how his fellow soldiers are fighting and dying in a war while his upper class friends back home are living a carefree life. Rich battle scenes and humorous banter among soldiers permeate this story.


Gun Totin' Chaplain

It is not often that a military chaplain publicly voices concern over a war, either past or present; but, in his latest book, retired Army chaplain Jerry Autry does just that.

With insight sharpened by experience, and compassion kindled in the horror of battle, Chaplain Autry details the challenges, anguish and even the joys of a wartime pastorate. Gun Totin' Chaplain, is the author's gripping chronicle of his year of duty in Vietnam.



From the draft notice he received on his wedding day through airborne jump school and his subsequent time in Vietnam, the reader follows a man of peace as he ministers to men at war. During his year in Vietnam, Chaplain Autry spent more time in the field with the troops than in rear areas, a choice that vexed his superiors.

His wartime experiences propelled him through a lifetime of comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable. Assigned to the fable 101st Airborne Division in 1968, the author served as pastor to men of all faiths and in any unit that needed him, including Marine and Special Forces teams along with airborne infantry and artillery units.

Chaplain Autry has been referred to as the most highly decorated chaplain from the Vietnam era, earning two Purple Hearts and nine awards for valor.

His memoir downplays his own heroics, which were noted in a Time magazine article that dubbed him the Gun Totin' Chaplain during the war years.

The author's memoir is followed by a sharply written epilogue containing his commentaries on the current war in the Middle East and its painful similarities to Vietnam. Gun Totin Chaplain is historical perspective at its best.

Jerry Autry provides an authentic voice of experience as he remembers Vietnam, and a voice of reason as he reflects on Iraq and Afghanistan. This book is as timely as it is enlightening and a must have for informed readers.


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