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Airborne Press was born in January of 83' in San Francisco. The purpose in the beginning was to produce two or three books a year; books of any genre that might not see the light of day without us.

We did our signature book, General William C. Lee, Father of the American Airborne and a few others; our favorite book is Rhymer in the Sunset. We tried every marketing ploy known to man and still couldn't give it away. We don't care what others say, we still think it tells the story of the Vietnam experience better than any we know.

A few years ago, we started our webzine and have constantly been having fun. We take no advertisements, pay all with private funds and do pretty much what we want. We are changing the name as it is broader now than merely Vietnam vets. Plus, the last election shattered our naive view that for reasons of mutual suffering, Vietnam vets had this special bond. Not really, politics didn't keep us from trashing each other.

Nothing really is off limits other than hate mail or anything that is so right or left wing that it's ridiculous. We work hard to encourage writers, poets, whoever. We have fun.

Always experimenting, we love the web. It's like having our own little magazine/or newspaper. We're not complicated and pride ourselves on being objective about all issues. we don't mind tackling anything. We are ferociously patriotic and always support the troops, regardless of the politics. We take no one position and our regular writers are all over the map. In the future, we plan to publish a couple of books a year and do lots of PDF stuff, some ebooks and POD (print on demand) books. We always welcome your comments whether you agree with us or not. GOD BLESS and HooooooooooooooAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

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We are a voice mainly of Vietnam Veterans. We take no one position other than always pro Vietnam Vet. Understanding that all Vets don't see things alike, this site will definitely not trash another Vet.

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