May 19, 2002
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Suicide Bombing in Israeli Pool Hall

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Anybody who has adult children should understand exactly why Israel is fairly unresponsive to George W. Come on--think about the comparison. You are a parent; you have children who are doing their own thing. You know they are screwing up, making bad choices, doing things that are not good for them, and that are probably going to come haunt at some time in the future.

You try to tell them; you order them;you raise your voice; you threaten to cut off their assistance. They pretend to listen; they give you the "nobody's home look" or they are saying, "yes dad, yes Dad" and nothing happens. This is exactly what is going on with Israel. They say the right words, they pretend to listen but they aren't; and, what can we do! It is not like we can issue some edict and they shape up, i. e., get out of the West Bank.

And, what are we to do or can do: NOTHING. And, even to beat our chest so vociferously is simply hypocritical. We can't attempt to root out terrorism in Afghanistan or anywhere and tell a sovereign country that they can't do the same.

The flip side of the coin is: Should they listen? As it stands now, politically, Arafat has it all on his side. He has risen from the ashes. Pre-suicide bombers, he was dead, no pun intended, in the water. Israel's offensive has revived him. Suicide bombers have made it happen. And, there truly seems to be no end to it; everyday there's another suicide homicide; eight killed, 23 during Passover, two here, three there, ten there--on buses, in crowded markets, nightclubs, wherever people gather.

And, there is no way for the Judea Christian to understand it. How do you reason with a fanatic? And, one who has been brain-washed.Let us not forget also: as a rule ,probably, suicide bombers are not these idealogs rather those who have no hope. Someone said, "Beware those with nothing to lose."

Help! Saddam gives 25 thousand to the families of those who blow themselves up. 129 virgins waiting for the suicide bombers in paradise. Who knows what the story is on the females or what they believe is waiting for them. Sad is the operative word but what is Israel to do--simple wait until they get zapped over and over again.

My belief: Israel has to pull back. No real choice. They have to hunker down and live with terrorism-they've been doing it but this is new terrorism. In the long run, I think their incursion is probably the best thing they could have done and now they must pull back.

Personally, I think it is just a matter of time until we see suicide bombers stateside. We may get some breathing room because what is happening in Israel gives us a clue as to what can happen here. Think about it: If a group of fanatics can crash flying bombs into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon; why not suicide bombers. Let us not for a moment be so na´ve as to think that there aren't already those in the good old USA who are making these plans.

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