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Feb 22, 2009   Best Of America
Feb 12, 2009   Support The Prez: We need change
Feb 02, 2009   The Prez Hugs
Jan 20, 2009   Inauguration For the 44th President
Jan 19, 2009   Bush Will Not Give Up
Dec 05, 2008   "NO Do Over"(Georgia Senate Race)
Dec 05, 2008   " Do Over"(Georgia Senate Race)
Nov 05, 2008   Politics and Greed
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Oct 01, 2008   What Barney Says(Barney Frank and The Financial Crisis)
Jun 05, 2008   Bashing Hillary
Jun 04, 2008   Preacherman(more on Reverend Wright)
Apr 04, 2008   Obama Jeremiah Wright Controversy
Mar 28, 2008   What Is Romney's Secret?
Mar 19, 2008   Hypocrites, Judging, And The Media Circus(About Elliot Spitzer Scandal)
Mar 01, 2008   "Hillary, Give It Up"
Feb 20, 2008   Insulting an American Hero
Jan 19, 2008   The Hillary Factor
Jan 07, 2008   Iowa Who?(obama vs. hillary)
Oct 23, 2007   Politics and Pheasant Hunting
Dec 22, 2007   Celebrity Worshipping Culture
Jul 16, 2007   We Need a New Man and a New Direction
Apr 14, 2007   Swift Boat Vets and The VP
Apr 07, 2007   Gays In The Military
Apr 07, 2007   Ed Jew:American Politician
Nov 02, 2006   Fighting John(Kerry and "his stuck in Iraq" comment)
Nov 16, 2006   Earmarks and Politics
Oct 11, 2005   Moving Into Hillary's Corner
Feb 16, 2003   Don't Ask Don't Tell

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