Before I begin this commentary, I know some of my buds (in particular some my veteran buddies) would like to take a "swing at me" for this one. And, my Aunt Grace, down south would love to spirit me away to an undisclosed location and have me deprogrammed. God Bless your little heart, Aunt Grace, It is just an opinion.

US Senator Hillary Clinton, pictured June 2005, vowed to continue to fight for a 'Katrina Commission' probing the federal government's sluggish early response to last month's massive hurricane -- even after the defeat of a bill she authored to create such a panel.(AFP/File/Brendan Smialowski)
(AFP/File/Brendan Smialowski)
I've always thought that the Hillary bashing was way out of proportion. For one thing, Hillary is one smart woman and being smart didn't help her. We should have let her work on our dismal health care system, and we possibly could have squared it away. I don't remember much about how her plan got derailed, but you can rest assured that the zealots, translate that Hillary haters, demonized her.

Look at the health care system we have today: 45 million Americans don't even have insurance; and, who, in his right mind, would say that it is right to provide a hip replacement for a 95 year old man when we can't even pony up the money to keep a 9 year old kid alive-This happens everyday and is a stark and constant realization of how we are a country of haves and have-nots. Wake up America and smell the roses.


The health care system is getting worse! I'm convinced (didn't start out to write about the health care system, just ticks me off). But, what I think Hillary represents is where most Americans want to be: the MIDDLE. I'm not touting Hillary for President, but I am hoping that Americans-the vast majority of us-end up where she appears to be heading: the MIDDLE. I see this as so very important because a zealot on the left or the right cannot be reasoned with-a jackhammer or a blowtorch torch won't do it, really. Zealots are simply not going to come around to any reasoned thinking. I hate labels, but they appear to be what we have to work with if we want to talk about issues political or religious or otherwise!

A last HooAhhhhhhhh for Hillary and the middle in shooting down(pun intended) the International Freedom Center to be located at the new World Trade Center site. The International Freedom Center, is a proposed cultural center, focusing on the horrors of slavery, segregation, and genocide among other things; It calls for some sort of generic apologizing for all American wrongs against almost everybody in the universe. HELP! Hillary said NO!

When I was visiting the traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial a few years ago, this guy made a homemade sign with some war slogan and pasted it on the Memorial. A vet came over and took it down. An altercation ensued, which was pretty heavy duty, resulting in a fistfest. One of the veterans involved thought the memorial should not be used to make a political statement. It's the same issue with the so-called Freedom Center.

Let's don't forget that nearly 3000 died on that fateful day in September. And, in this case, Hillary didn't forget and went for the "middle." Hillary thinks that there are better places for political lessons than ground zero, where family members and friends were incinerated by fascist al Qaeda terrorists. I applaud her.
Oct 11 2005

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