About Maureen Dowd's Book: Are Men Necessary? by Dan Foster
 are men necessary The book, Are Men Necessary? by Maureen Dowd is an interesting read. Men, who read this book must be open minded; geez, look at the title; most say the title, however, is sarcastic.- Read and decide for yourself. But I don't see alot of conservative guys running to the bookstore- don't see them as great Maureen Dowd fans.

I like Maureen Dowd sometimes, well, most of the time. This book is good if you are the type who laments what is happening to our culture, to girls in particular. Dowd says the feminist movement has regressed: all those things that it purported to do for girls, and did, somewhat; has gone backwards. She says women, even young girls, are subservient to men and spend much of their time trying to attract them. And, Dowd says "Guess who is getting sex and who is giving it?"- Girls, of course, are the givers; the boys are the pleasure objects. Geez, with this going on, one can hardly believe that teenage pregnancies have gone down. DF
  Book Review by Kelly Thomas: Healthy Aging By Dr. Andrew Weil
cover of andrew weil's new book
Healthy Aging by Dr. Andrew Weil. I've been reading Dr. Weil's newsletters for a year which basically are about his health philosophies including how we should approach health as we age. Reading his writings is somewhat like spending an hour with the doctor discussing little medical secrets.

Dr. Weil is very practical and the reason I like the book. Fortunately, I was already into alot of the advice he espouses. The book, in a sense, is a compilation of all his newsletters. What happens with many of these celebrity type folks, even this doctor, is that they get on a theme and then follow it.

I do want to recommend the book, but I do have a couple of slightly negative comments. First, a doctor friend of mine told me that she was in charge of getting speakers for her interns and contacted him. His speaking fee was so exorbitant that she crossed him off the list. It happens with these folks and is a negative to me; I get turned off, the same as with these TV celebrity generals. But, there is no use blaming these celebrity types; it is simply the times we live in when every TV channel has "talking heads." You would think that a doctor with some great health philosophies would be eager to share them with medical students. Mark me dumb.

Second, although I like the book, some of the Weil's advice is a little contradictory. The good doctor is a little pudgy or so it seems. Weil also says risky behavior should be moderated as we age; and yet, he admittedly "ran with the bulls" in Spain. What is that all about!

Nevetheless, buy the book. Never forget that books are very inexpensive entertainment. Think about it: you can buy a good book for twenty bucks or less; but, if you went to an NFL game, it would cost you two hundred bucks minimum, even if you could get away that cheap. Plus, this book is about health and we all could use a little health advice now and again.-November 15 2005

Nov 29 2005

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