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Let's Face It...
He's Fat!!!
chris christie is fat

Let’s face it. The guy is fat, obese, a p___ poor example to America. We are talking about the governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie. How in the f___did he get elected?

Here in the Golden State, we had a body builder who was an awful actor, and worse, he couldn’t keep his copulatory organ in his pants- he didn’t have the decency to get a vasectomy. Sorry f_____. But, at least he wasn’t fat. Christie could stay at home. But, everytime I turn on the tube, there he is. Girth and all.

No, I do not hate fat people and have gone so far as to initiate a system with my granddaughter. When encountered, we do not mention it. We merely roll our eyes. I honestly do feel badly for those obese. For most, it crept up on them and once out of hand, getting it under control is tough. And, you surely can’t paint all with the same brush. The problem with Christie, he doesn’t seem to give a rat’s rear.

And, for a politician, he is incredibly rude. I guess since he has the McDonald’s crowd, he can ignore common decency. I actually heard this: a woman asked him how he can justify sending his kids to private schools while decreasing funding for public schools. His answer: “It is none of your business.” A fat and rude combo. He better be glad he didn’t mouth off to Woodrow Call of Lonesome Dove TV mini series fame. When an Army scout roughed up one of Call’s young cowboys, Call beat the Army Scout senseless and when it was over, turned to the onlookers and said, “I hate rude behavior in a man and won’t tolerate it.” There you have it.

Thank goodness he has decided not to run. We do not need a fat president.

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