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Jan 27, 2009   What The Captain Means
Jan 21, 2009   Too Comfortable(are we "too comfortable" in America?)
Feb 03, 2009   The Hills I love
Dec 11, 2009   The Lesser Among Us
Nov 28, 2008   WWII Vets(Cant Miss an Opportunity to Know Them)
Oct 19, 2008   A Little Coffee Talk
Sept 19, 2008   The South and Politics
Mar 30, 2008   Thoughts on Racism
Mar 11, 2008   The Myers Brigg Personality Indicator
Jan 11, 2008   The Personality Factor
Jan 10, 2008   A Writers...(why do writers write)
Jan 09, 2008   A Writer's Personality
Jan 02, 2008   Happy New Year
Dec  31,  2007   Wealth and Giving
Nov  23,  2007   Thanksgiving 2007
Nov  21,  2007   Dealing With Suicide
Nov  18,  2007   Healthy Religion
Oct  27,  2007   Chaplains Are Targeted???(sniper manual on internet: how to kill in Iraq)
Oct  03,  2007   A Good Rejection???(about rejection from publishers)
Sept 27, 2007   GOOD AND EVIL(good: Randolph Scott and Joel McCrea )
May 15,  2007   In God We Still Trust(comments about a song performed by Diamond Rio)
Jun 08, 2007   What We Need Is a War

Nov  29,  2006   Chaplains and Prayer
Jul 26, 2006   Grief in a small Town(dealing with soldiers killed in Iraq)
March 17, 2006   In North Carolina, I thought Gay Meant Happy
June 13, 2005   Celebrity Worship
Mar 22, 2005   Suicide and Bipolar Disease

Aug 03, 2001   Leaving For Nam

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