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iraq check in Iraq Check in. I get so upset over this war. I can't believe how little invested people are. Just ticks me off to the max. The president is waiting for the next photo op. In a headline, "Rice urges patience amid grisly finds." Oh good, "Just be patient," now that is a strategy. We don't have any plan. Here is where in many cases I think it is ( buddy sent me this)--"Bush enjoys the supreme confidence of the unreflective mind."

One reader's comments: Interesting that you mentioned the Iraqnam war today; I was talking with my friend earlier and we were both so disgusted we had to change the subject. Just couldn't talk about it for very long without getting totally stressed. Then I read about George's increase to survivors of people killed in action or training for war, and about threw up. I'm glad for the increase in money but like this is going to make up for a life? Talk about paying people to fight your war!!!

Here's a great statistic: We have $89.4 million bucks given to the Iraqis for reconstruction that cannot be accounted for. Then's there's almost 8 million more that nobody can find at all.

Here's the types of folks we're dealing with: Taking a news story (Newsweek's erroneous story that interrogators desecrated the Koran) and getting obsessed by it and literally people die. Now, Newsweek, of course, needs their arsh kicked. But, the very thought that because Muslims thought the Koran was desecrated, true or not, people die. You could take millions of Christian Bibles and burn them in the streets and nobody would blink an eye. Think about this: we are dying for these folks with an elusive view that we are going to make a difference. I am getting more and more discouraged by our lack of insight. We don't have a plan. Hoping that things are going to get better and being patient is not going to hack it. This is not a strategy. We have no exit plan. God bless America.

May 19 2005
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