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My Grandma Has A BlackBerry Book Signing To Benefit Women With Breast Cancer Was A Success:

We thank those who came out for the book signing at the Analog Bookstore in Berkeley, CA this weekend. The book signing raised 600.00 for the the U'ilani Fund in one afternoon.

The U'ilani Fund is a non-profit organization committed to providing support for alternative and complementary treatments for women with breast cancer and has distributed 60,000 to women undergoing breast cancer treatment since 2001!

Click on U'ilani Fund to check out the fund website and consider giving a contribution.
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Commentary: Women In Combat By KT


department of defense
Department Of Defense
I've been reading in Time Magazine Crossing The Lines By Tim McGirk about women in combat. I've always thought the idea of women in combat was a bad one for several reasons.

In my opinion, male and female soldiers fighting together is not conducive to winning a war not only because of the sexual issue, but also, because, quite frankly, sterotyical macho male types fit the profile of those we need in combat; the male soldier must stay alert and focused for themselves and they simply hate the idea that they are not protecting their women; and, in combat, they often try to do it- It is a male thing and not talked about, but real. gray line divider
We actually have a law against women being in combat; but, in Iraq, it is impossible for them not to be caught up in urban guerrilla warfare. Since 2003, 48 women have been killed in Iraq and 300 wounded. It isn't that women don't perform as well as men; they do. But, they become problems for men; and, in other environments, we might say, "Men, get over it." In combat, however, saying "Men get over it" costs lives.

We can't listen to commanders and higher-ups. It isn't that they lie, they just don't tell it like it is. Let me give an example: when I was an instructor in a service school, I can remember having a class of NCO (non-commissioned officers). When it was all men, they paid relatively good attention, entered into discussion, and were like most any students. Introduce one female into the classroom and everything changed. The men became competitive, show offs, or whatever. It is in our genes, our DNA. It is our culture. We can deal with it in peacetime environments; but, in war, no way. To place women in combat would be a disservice to the men laying their lives on the line and to the women being put in that situation.
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Women in combat can be as tough as nails, but men have a need to protect or look after them for a variety of reasons. And, there is something that literally breaks your heart to see these women with lost limbs, wounded by roadside bombs, etc. It breaks your heart also to see male soldiers wounded but there is a psychological difference: we take for granted the number of male soldiers' wounded and the severity of their injuries. Sad, and, to me, another example of the mismanagement of this war.

What we have to realize is that understanding the male psyche in the environment of war is very important. Do I expect any of the "powers to be" to get it. I don't think so: Just walk a mile, sigh, and have another Camel!!!(re: cigarette-remember the slogan "Walk a mile for a camel?")

March 01 2006
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