May 12, 2002
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Lucky Man

Michael J Fox and Wife Tracy

As one considers himself a writer when almost no one else does,books are such a part of my life. And if, you think about it, books are such great inexpensive entertainment-takes us to places we would never get to go.

All that to say,having just read Micheal J Fox's book, Lucky Man, I was surprised at it's depth. Usually, I don't touch celebrity books mainly because I detest celebrity worship which is so prevalent in our society. They don't write the books usually themselves and to me, it is often so pretentious to think someone has somthing to say merely because they have celebrity status.

But Fox's book is really quit different. It is a good confession, first of the celebrity life; that view that I wish people would leave me alone. Here they are pampered and overpaid and they don't want to be bothered-give me a break!

But the real meat of the book comes when he deal s with his Parkinson's disease and his vulnerability. It is well written and an example of what is important: health, family, purpose.

Photo of Michael J. Foxes' Book, Lucky Man

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