May 12, 2002
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I Love Condi Rice

Condi Rice/Fox News

The AAPost OnLine 

She is so remarkable in many ways and I confess I only know her through TV. I do not know her in a Biblical way other than through my fantasies. And, it is true; she has been to all the classes politicians go to. They never answer a direct question.

Check it out sometimes: when a reporter asked a question. The response never is about the question. It is totally on what the person wants to say.

This is a schooled Reporter: Is the president a charmer? The president is a good and decent man and runs everyday. Seriously, this is how it goes. No politician ever answers a direct question. Did you have sex with that woman? What does the word "is" mean?

Condi Rice/ReutersCondoleeza, how did she get that name? What does it mean? She is great.

On a recent interview, she dealt with heavy issues and mostly evaded the questions but made a contribution. What happens often is that it is a waste of time to listen to interviews, as there is little or no information to come out of one.
In the interview, she was asked about the hot button item of settlements in the West Bank and Gaza. She was pretty good--didn't answer the question and said something like, "the president says that all things have to be on the table, each side has to give. She didn't say that the prez favors the Israelis giving up the settlements but she hinted that he does by her non-answer.

It is all very funny. She says things like, a way forward-we have to end terror, the violence. We must find political solutions. WHO CAN ARGUE WITH THESE NON-ANSWERS!!!

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