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In Memorium: Lamar Hunt
December 13, 1932-December 11, 2015

A few days ago, one of my best friends from Army days, died. It was really weird. He went in for a fairly routine knee replacement and died. He was a Chaplain. I remember many things about him. So unselfish: Vietnam, Germany, other assignments where paths crossed. Hands down, He should have been the Chief of Chaplains (A General). What prevented him? Mainly, he never played politics or forgot that he was a pastor.

A few weeks ago, he called me out of the blue. Left a message. Just wanted to chat. I called him back. We had the best talk and once again I thanked him for being a mentor and setting me on a pathway. He loved to chide me about living in San Francisco and being on the "left coast.” Maybe he was saying goodbye and didn’t know it.

What I hope for with the funeral, the family will go all out. Lamar always loved a big show, a big extravaganza. He was the master of the grand gesture, making everybody happy to be around him. If it were up to me, I would do a massive 82d Airborne Division parachute drop just for show.

Everybody at the “Service” will have a Lamar story and I am doubly sorry I am going to miss it. I hope the tribute is an all day affair with dinner on the grounds. If there has ever been a life to celebrate, Lamar is it. God bless him on his journey.


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