July 31, 2008
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Kite Runner

Reviewer: JL

Last night I saw the DVD, Kite Runner; I had read the book. Fascinating movie.

The book was better, but the powers that be did a decent movie-making job. The movie made me realize that we need to be putting our troops and money in Afghanistan, not Iraq. In Afghanistan, we have a chance to save a culture.

The story was compelling and woven in it were the intricacies of growing up in Afghanistan- how choices that adults make effect others and gave me some cultural glimpses which was very good.

My wife says it was slow; my daughter countered with too much middle. There were a few things missing: where was the mother, how those effected got to America, the ease of going back to Afghanistan and getting out again.

Then there is the history. If you've seen Charlie Wilson's War or read the book, I think you would be more conscious of the Soviet invasion and how it all played out. There was one scene when the father and son were escaping to Pakistan when a Soviet sought to have his way with an Afghan woman carrying a small child. The father of our protaganist refused to allow him to shame her and was willing to pay with his own life. See this movie, read the book.

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