Dec 11, 2007
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June R Rogers Jun 08 1939-Dec 08 2007
June Register Rogers died December 8, 2007. June was known as a talented seamstress and stood out among dressmakers.

She also loved gardening, especially working in her vegetable garden. June was a member of the Dunn High School Class of 1957.

A good friend called me and told me June passed away. I had not seen nor heard from June in years. Suddenly, memories flooded over me.

Our memories are such that we remember those we care about at those moments in time which mean the most to us. In this case, June and I were seventeen.

The last time I remember seeing June, she was signing my Echo, Dunn High's yearbook. June was a grade ahead of me, but seemed to be more at home hanging out with my class than her own. Maybe she felt emotionally more our age since she started to school so early- she was almost a year younger than most of her classmates. Who knows? Regardless, June was different, which made life for the class of 58' just a little more interesting. June could have been one of the characters in Fast Times At Ridgemont High, or, better yet, a character from Grease.

In our day, we might have called her personality many things, but mostly June danced to the beat of her own drummer. Now, it all seems so silly. If June had been given the personality inventory, the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, June would merely be an ENFP. An ENFP, is a high extrovert-always working the crowds. This was definitely June.

June was incredibly creative. When someone wanted or needed a new idea, check with June. Her causes were passinate pursuits. The smallest incident often excited her to action which often resulted in a summons to the Office and a chat with the Principal. June often started out at Point A to go to point B; but, on the way, she got sidetracked with a better offer. I loved her. She was different.

It is my loss that I had not been in contact with June all these years, but she brightened my life in our brief existence together. One incident comes quickly to mind. For some reason, I was, like most high school kids, anxious to get out of High School and escape to college or work or something to be on my own-the rite of passage. I was headed to East Carolina where I had been given a football scholarship. My brother had gone there and was a big wheel-President of the student body and Captain of the football team. But, I was not very happy because East Carolina and Greenville were not far enough away.

June and I were sitting at the smoking pit. The smoking pit was for those who had permission to smoke-mostly a few seniors could legitimately do it. The idea was that kids were going to smoke anyway, so a smoking area would at least keep smoking out of the bathrooms. For a school, in our day, this was pretty progressive. I doubt June had permission, but this was June, so it didn't matter. We were waiting for The Dunn High Hut to open, a kind of a teen center with a pingpong table-our hang-out place.

June was borrowing various cigarettes and taking a drag as we called it. We started talking about going away to college. She said she was getting out of "Dodge" as soon as possible.(She did leave our small town for sometime, but then came back.)

One day she opened a book and read a few lines from what I now know to be a poem from Oliver Wendall Holmes.

Mid pleasures and palaces though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble, there is no place like home.

I've never forgotten it. The poem is right on. Our experiences make us realize how true this rings. There's no place like home. And, thinking of June now, I'm reminded anew. Thanks, June, for the memories. jda

Visitation and a Memorial service will be held Thursday, December 13, 2007 at the First Presbyterian Church in Dunn. The family will receive friends from 10:00am-11:00am in the church parlor and a Memorial Service is scheduled at 11:00am. Call Skinner and Smith Funeral Home, (910) 892-2447, for more information.

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