big e and celebrity worship

New!!! One of my images has been shattered! Elvis. When Elvis enlisted in 1957, actually I thought he was drafted or maybe he enlisted to keep from being drafted. But, Elvis was at the height of the teenage frenzy and people wrote thousands of letters trying to get him out of the military.

I am always amazed at celebrity worship. Celebrity worship today is a cottage industry. Look at the Michael Jackson trial. While the jury is deliberating, the nuts have come out in droves; some guy is prophesying a tsunami and God told him to tell the people who are hanging out at the Michael Jackson trial. The guy who is prophesying is called, Bobby Bible. Another wants to spank all the Mommies worshipping at Michael's' feet as they are bad. Daily during the trial, mostly supporters gather just to get a glimpse of the self-proclaimed, "King of Pop." And, when the trial was over many of them migrated to Neverland hoping for a glimpse of a sad character.

Where is Elvis when we need him? All this celebrity worship doesn't speak to well for us as a country, for sure. The flip side is that we have almost 300 million in the country and that leaves a lot of room for nuts. Plus, let's face it, we have all these media outlets and they've got to fill them with something, i. e., Nancy Grace reporting when someone goes to the "john."

For some reason, I thought during Elvis popularity, celebrity worship was not as bad but guess it was. In "the King's" day, there was a crowd that got ticked off that he got special treatment along with those who worshipped him. Regardless of what the movies have tried to portray, we know that Elvis was not just another soldier. While he was in Germany, he lived in a luxury hotel and was surrounded by his entourage. Please! Give me a break. What a great country. God bless America.

June 12 2005
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