August 6, 2002

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Should We Declare War on Iraq?
What is George W. Thinking Again?
Photo of Saddam Hussein giving an address in July 2002


Invading of Iraq would be simply out of the question. We can't be serious. In an ideal world with a madman, this surely seems like a possibility; however, given the fact that we are telegraphing it to him, will have to go it alone--this is not too smart. And, let's face it, historically, we don't invade countries, make war, and topple governments: not really.

Saddam needs to be taken out-Readers Digest had a scary article about him--stuff we already know, killed his own people, obsessed with his place in history. I can't believe that we can't get him. I think he's constantly in hiding and has killed enough of his own family, plus I think his inner circle are ignorant fanatics who bow and scrape to him constantly. Plus, they are petrified themselves.

What we don't seem to get is the fact that we simply can't do it all and we can't do it with guns. If anything has shown us that, we merely have to look at the Middle East. Israel has played the role of aggressor and bully, after the terrorists and yet, there are still suicide bombers, clashes, people willing to die. And, it surely is not going to happen with diplomacy--the only hope to topple Saddam is a coup or death and maybe both. And, there has got to be somebody in his inner circle willing to do it.

I think basically that the prez is blowing smoke, some sort of idea that it is going to happen, maybe not now but at some time down the road. We still might think we have the might and that is up for grabs; but, what is not up for grabs is the will. No way would the vast majority of Americans who care, probably at most, 60%, go for it. It is one thing to sit in Fantasyland on the Potomac and another to actually put the troops on the ground.

We screwed up in the first Iraqi war by not taking him out. And, the very thing that took us to that point is the very same conclusion as now. Then, we did the humane, Christian thing, so to speak. Had our sense of morality been better thought out, we would have turned the lights out in Baghdad. We exacerbated it later on when we failed to support some who rose up immediately after the war to challenge the madman. We let them go down the tubes as Saddam crushed them. Not sure that we ever admitted it.

Taking Saddam out would be great. But, think about it: look what a few terrorists with money and planning did on September 11 and we get an idea of Saddam with money. He is uncannily ruthless with a willingness to sacrifice his own people like fodder. He is afterall, a crazy with weapons of mass destruction. The timing is not right but it will be at some time in the future. Saddam will kill a bunch of his own people, those in the area, and some of us and when he does, we have to be ready with a vengeance.

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