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Sept 28, 2008   Sons Of Iraq
Sept 08, 2008   Response To Democracy In Iraq Is A Fairy Tale
Aug  19, 2008   Democracy In Iraq Is A Fairy Tale
Mar  22, 2008   The 5th Anniversary Of The Iraq War
Feb  11, 2008   TET and Vietnam
  Response to TET and Vietnam by GP
Jan 06, 2007   Afghanistan and The Drug Trade
Jan  05, 2008   Back Burner (Is Iraq on the Back Burner?)
Dec  29, 2007   Things Worse Than Ever Before?(In Iraq)
Dec  07, 2007   A Chance to Make a Difference(could Colin or Condi on Iraq)
Sept 08, 2007   What Are We To Believe In Iraq??? (interpretation of war confusing)
Sept 07, 2007   The Best Article I have Read on Iraq
Jun  06,  2007   What are they Smoking(Could Iraq be another South Korea?)
May  10, 2007   Iraq and West Point Grads(West Point deaths in Iraq)
May  10, 2007   Iraq... will continue to speak out
Apr  29,  2007   One Father's Thoughts On Iraq
Apr  22,  2007   Grandma In Iraq
Jan 06, 2007   Sadam Has Bit The Dust
Nov  27, 2006   Pentagon Options(on Iraq)
Nov  15, 2006   Iraq Study Group
Nov  02, 2006   Are Iraq and Vietnam Similar?
Nov  02, 2006   Letter To Dad From Son In Iraq
Aug  02, 2006   Never Ending War(iraq)
Oct  24, 2006   Bringing In The Big Guns(Bush calls generals to discuss war)
May 19, 2005   Iraq Check-In
Jun  24, 2004   A 2nd Lt Reveals What It Is Really Like In Iraq
Jul  01, 2003   Morale of a Soldier
Sept  25, 2002   George W. Bush: Eastwood or Cooper? (philosophy on war with Iraq)
Aug  06, 2002   Should We Declare War In Iraq?
Jun  9-10, 2002   All The Way General(McNeill goes to Afghanistan)
May  28, 2002   Home For Christmas(Not-60,000 more troops to Afghanistan)
May 12, 2002   What Is George W. Bush Thinking?(commentary on "axis of evil")

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