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Feb 04, 2009   Hate and More Hate(recent Israel-Palestian conflict)
Jan 21, 2009   Greed:Depravity of Man
Jan 10, 2009   Those Lists(best and worst)
Jan 19, 2009   Obama and MLK
Dec 23, 2008   A Nod To God (Rick Warren)
May 24, 2007   Dua Khali(girl stoned for loving man of different religion)
May 10, 2007   What Are We To Think?(about The Fort Dix incident)
May 10, 2007   Theresa Sparks(transgender on police commission)
Feb 16, 2007   Love Makes Me Crazy(Lisa Novak-astronaut)
Feb 16, 2007   The Gav Steps Up To The Plate
    Give Gav a Break
Apr 30, 2007   The Pat Tillman Story Continues...
Apr 21, 2007   Making Sense of The Senseless(Virginia tech shooting)
Apr 15, 2007   Don Imus(the insult he made against basketball team)
Jan 06, 2007   Lucas McConnell and The Haditha Case
Jul 19, 2006   A Casualty of War(about Gitmo)
Jul 08, 2006   Missiles from North Korea and Kim Jong-il
Sept 16, 2005   Did Race Play Apart In The New Orleans Debacle?
Sept 13, 2005   Screwing Up a Two Car Funeral Procession(Hurricane Katrina)
Sept 06, 2005   Hurricane Katrina
Aug 16, 2005   Since Person Being Used As Pawn(Cindy Sheehan)
July 19, 2005   Who are These People?
    Like The ones who listen to Rush Limbaugh
May 02, 2005   Vietnamese In America
May 01, 2005   30th Anniversary of Fall of Siagon
Aug 07, 2002   Corporate Greed Revisited
Jun 24, 2002   Corporate Greed
Sept 11, 2002   9/11 Remembered
Jun 1-2, 2002   A Chaplain Remembers Memorial Day
May 19, 2002   Suicide Bombers:Those Without hope-What Is Israel To Do?
May 13, 2002   Catholic Priests and Abuse
May 12, 2002   Love Condi(a little sarcasm)

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