November 14, 2006
   Have You Got Your Tamborine?
This file photo originally supplied by CBS shows '60 Minutes' newsman Ed Bradley poses for this 2000 studio portrait. Bradley died Thursday, Nov. 9, 2006, of leukemia at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital. He was 65. 
AP via Yahoo! News - Nov 09 9:37 AM
(CBS News AP via Yahoo! News)
CBS and "60 minutes" correspondent Ed Bradley died of leukemia November 9, 2006 at New York's Mount Sinai Hospital. He was 65.

Cool Ed. What else could we say? 60 Minutes did him proud. We'll miss him.

Every week at our pad, we watched Ed Bradley interview a musician or another diginity of some sort and we would invariably say, "What's with Ed and that earring?" Well, last night we found out from Jimmy Buffett, one of his close friends. The earring was something Ed wanted to do, just one part of being him.

Ed was so good at what he did that we soon didn't notice but became enthralled with that voice and his reporting skills.

Yes, we'll miss him and here's how we imagine it: Ed shows up to the great beyond and St. Peter says "Ed Bradley", I only have one question: got your tamborine? (Ed claimed he had no musical talent and loved shaking the tamborine). We'll miss you Ed, thanks for the memories--lots of 'em. KT

For more info, read the CBS article,

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   Faith Restored In The Electorate
The Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument and US Capitol Dome in Washington, DC. Aftershocks from the US midterm election continued to reverberate, as victorious Democrats appeared headed for a collision with President George W. Bush over Iraq and other issues.(AFP/File/Karen Bleier)
(AFP/File/Karen Bleier)
I've just deleted a blog that I've been keeping for about a year called, "Most Americans are Stupid." I started it one morning after one particular incident, can't remember what it was.( maybe some poll about the Iraq War) .

The title , "Most Americans are Stupid" sounds arrogant, but the idea was that Americans kept voting for the same guys over and over, mostly those involved in corruption, pork barrel projects, the mismanagement of the Iraq War, etc. The issues really didn't make any difference, the electorate just kept voting the same as always.

The mantra of all elections was the catch all phrase "all politics is local". Most of my rantings fell on deaf ears, so I spent most of my time talking to myself while posting my frustrations on the blog. Now, with the recent election, my faith is restored in the electorate.

Sure, we didn't vote in great numbers, only about 40%, but we "voted the bums out." Issues like the war and corruption with a total disregard for what the people wanted, did make a difference. And, "No, all politics isn't local." Way to go America. HooooooooAhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! KT
Supporters of Florida Democratic U.S. Congressional candidate Tim Mahoney cast their shadows on an American flag as they celebrate his win over his Republican challenger Joe Negron for Former Rep. Mark Foley's 16th Congressional District seat 07 November 2006. US Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld resigned, paying the price for the Democrat surge to power in Congress driven by a wave of public anger over the Iraq war.(AFP/Getty Images/File/Joe Raedle)
(AFP/Getty Images/File/Joe Raedle)
The wonderful thing about our country, among many things, is the idea that we have an election, you win, you lose, you are happy, you are sad; it makes no difference, we just go on. There's no rioting in the streets, the transfer of power is just what it is.

I often say to my buddies, "We could hire one of these planes and put a sign on it that says the Prez is stupid." Nobody would blink an eye. It really, with all our problems, is what makes our country great. God bless us. KT

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