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Nov 14 2008

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In Memorium: This note came to us yesterday; and, although we expected it, Dick transitioning is sad, a passing. He has been a strong supporter all these years, both on a personal basis and of the military.

For years, he was the chief volunteer at the Post Chapel on the Presidio. Giving an unbelievable amount of time to keeping the grounds and the Chapel pristine. His sense of pride in all that he did was awe inspiring.

Thanks Dick, God bless you on your journey. If you see Rose, give her our best and tell her we are soldiering on, but still miss her. You will be such a delight to her. jda

After 15 days in California Pacific Hospital. Dad lost his fight with pneumonia and age (97) on Friday, November 7th. He was a fighter until the end. Bless Rene who has been with dad 24/7 since mid-April. We, Marc and I, are forever grateful to him for his time, caring and energy. He will remain a family friend. At this point I have no idea if there will be a service as Marc and I have not looked at the "funeral" file. More later. Love to all of you. Wendy

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