Dec 22, 2007
variation of gun-totin chaplain cover
Great newspaper article of the book, Gun Totin Chaplain and interview with author.

Order Gun-Totin' Chaplain
Oprah Winfrey (R) poses with Senator Barack Obama (L) and his wife Michelle Obama at an Obama '08 fund-raiser for Barack Obama's presidential campaign, hosted by Winfrey at her home in Montecito, California September 8, 2007. REUTERS/Harpo, Inc./Handout
REUTERS/Harpo, Inc./Handout

When Barack enlisted Oprah, I lost "faith" with him. This is one of those "ah hah" moments in our culture. Are we truly the celebrity worshiping people that we seem to be?

Some 40,000 or so showed up for Oprah. What is it about so many of the American people that they would do this? I wouldn't walk across the street to see Bono, Oprah, the President, or whoever, but, I surely am in the minority.

I am amazed. What is it? I don't get it. Even my daughters are reading People Magazine. I must admit, that when I get Sunday's Parade, I am always turning to the personality page of the magazine. I say again, what is it that makes us such celebrity worshipers? For instance, is Oprah's opinion better than that of anyone else?

I often feel that I have to be careful when I say something about Oprah. She is black and a woman; and, if I had any desire to be PC(politically correct), I would be violating PC big time. Please.

What other dynamics are at play here? Why would Barack Obama choose to do this? What about Hillary? I would think that she would feel really put out. Isn't Oprah a champion of women in general? Hillary is the only woman in the race. So, can we say, that, if you have an African American, Barack; and a woman, Hillary; the African American wins out?

What is this? My brother who has been in politics his entire life, has a view that sounds slightly racist, maybe? But, interesting. He says something like, "anytime you have a black in a race, all blacks will vote for a black." He gave this advice to another brother who was running for office against several others. That brother lost! Guess what? There was one African American in the race. My brother lost to him.

I don't know nor have a clue about all the dynamics, but I think that as a possible Barack supporter, I'm now switching. Why? Well, someone who is into celebrity worship simply is not going to get my vote. This letter to the editor of an unnamed newspaper said it best: I am paraphrasing:

Oprah Winfrey's decision to endorse a presidential candidate is not simply misguided, it is dangerous. This is not voting by reason. It is rather voting by a mindless mass of individuals being shamelessly manipulated as part of a cult-of-personality movement.

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