May 12, 2002
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What Is George W. Thinking
(Editorial on axis of evil comments)

George W. Bush and Dog Barney

The AAPost OnLine 

Ordinarily, I think that the Bush administration has done a pretty good job with the war. However, I cringe when I hear statements like, "axes of evil." Granted; Iraq, Iran, and North Korea are not on our team--not a bad list but why mention it. If you are going to keep your eye on crazies who are your enemies, why announce it? I don't get it. What is the linking of North Korea with Iran and Iraq?

Korea is in a different category. Granted, there are some weirdoes running North Korea-the head honcho, Kim, Jung IL (in Korea, the last name is always first} looks remarkably like Jackie Gleason, the great one. He is one weird dude, no doubt about it. A country that is starving while ratcheting up the military, Please! What leader in his right mind would lob a rocket onto Chinese territory, which is exactly what this nut did, errant though it may have been

Plus, North Korea is unbelievably contained already. When they look across the DMZ at South Korea, they are facing the absolute best ground army in the world. Man for man, the ROK (Republic of Korea-South Korean Army} Army is the best: they are trained to a finite degree and tough beyond description. I use to be amazed at watching them train when I was in Korea in 80 to 81. It was nothing to see ROK soldiers running through their drills under the most harsh conditions--soldiers in the snow, occasionally testing themselves with no shoes.

Now comes the idea of targeting countries for nukes. What! Headline: Bush lists seven nations as potential targets. How in the world does that play out. It may be true but why announce it--maxed out weird. Any military type knows there are contingency plans on all sorts of scenarios but they're not announced in a way to alarm an already paranoid plethora of nations. Our allies even are already accusing us of wanting to go it alone and not listening to anybody. Imagine what the Chinese are thinking. They are already fearful and suspicious and why would we add to their paranoia. And, we have even targeted our recent "almost best buddies," the Russkies. I am simply amazed. WHAT IS GEORGE W. THINKING?

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