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Hooah!!! Always For The Troops

girlfriend vet, Michael
Friend Michael

"I promise that these jump boots will always be spit shined. If ever, this is not true, I promise that some jackets will be in your future. "

Michael is one of the all-time favorite "girlfriends"(men friends who meet for breakfast).

girlfriend vet
Great Friend and Vet...

Vietnam veteran and former Marine, CSM L. Goodman presents to Michael Melnakopf, LT., retired, USN, a pair of authentic Corcoran paratrooper boots, dedicated to propel him to fame throughout the Bay Area SALSA community

Darkness Into Light
kelly thomas Dec 13 2013
airborne patches

"I love to sit in the dark and watch it get light. In Vietnam, it was the greatest thing to know you were getting out of the dark into the light. Everything happened at night. The VC (Viet Cong) or the NVA (North Vietnamese Army) attacked.

They fired mortars, rocket propelled grenades, attacked on the ground. They fought at night always. When the dawn came, they broke contact. Rarely, very rarely did they fight in the day time. And, that feeling of hating the dark never leaves you."


 card with santa beard that says ho ho ho

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