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Amazing Grace

by JDA

Amazing Grace is a very unusual and pensive movie. I don't think it had much success at the theaters.

This movie is so intense that getting it in a two hour film is pretty tough. Amazing Grace is about one man's passion for abolishing the slave trade in his native England. It was his mission in life. How wonderful to have this as a passion and never give up. And, I might add, to have a forum or pulpit to get the message out there and to actually change things.

Can anyone think of anything more terrible than trafficking in human souls? Well, asking a few Americans to fight our wars is not far behind. (As an aside, I will admit that there was some wishful thinking on my pet cause of National Community Service[AllServe], but without much of a chance to make a difference)

There were lots of nuances to this movie; the protagonist's sickness for one thing, probably Crohn's disease. Then, there was the song, Amazing Grace which was written by the protagonist's minister. The power of the hymn was simply overwhelming.

Some things weren't totally fleshed out as well as they could have been, but OK. It sure struck me, although subtle, in the movie, that the English slave trade was greatly enhanced by the Americans.

It didn't escape me either that America, who practiced the slave trade and helped others do it a little more than a hundred years ago, has now elected a President who very well may be descended from slaves. God bless America; we are still trying to get it right.

Good movie, 2 parachutes. Amazing Grace DVD

2 parachutes

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