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Thursday Dec 04 2008

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Tuesdays With Rosey
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I was hoping Saxby Chambliss would lose in a landslide to right the wrong he did in 2002 to Max Cleland, a triple amputee VietVet. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and Saxby Chambliss beat Jim Martin.

Below is an email exchange I had with a website reader about the Georgia senate run-off. The e-mail is in reference to the "Do Over" Article


I so agree with the comments on the Airborne Press website. Thank you for this. But the sad part is there are still a lot of diehard Republicans in the state of Georgia and I think it's going to be hard to get the people out to vote as they did in the General Election.

Today I've had robocalls from Bill Clinton, Max Cleland and Michelle Obama, which impressed me, but how many others? The ads have been running for weeks now and some of Saxby Chambliss's are pretty ugly.

He's a slimeball who rode in on Bush's tail, and I fear he still has a lot of support. Hard to believe, but as you say, people never cease to surprise.

Tomorrow LTG(R) Claudia Kennedy will be at Savannah Dem hdqtrs to talk to phone bankers, volunteers, etc. and then give a speech in one of the squares in support of Martin. Should help some and Savannah's a strong military town, but Atlanta has many more, and lots of big business, votes. We shall see. sf


Thanks for your candid comments... I am glad because these times are too important for anybody to stand idly by. When the election looked like it was a toss-up, I constantly had to say to my oldest daughter, Meg, "Meg, take a deep breath." (Honestly, I thought long and hard but never told them, what if John McCain won and we were facing another four years of George W. Where could we go? Move? Ireland, Maybe? but I wasn't that serious or was I, just thinking).

Fortunately, the Prez election worked out; but, now honestly, I think if I were you, I might think it time to get out of Dodge. I am partially kidding, but I can hardly believe the majority of Georgians. I feel sorry for those like yourself who are open-minded.

The flip side of the coin, however, is that maybe my brother who is a loyal Democrat and been involved in elective politics for a long time, is right-if a black is not in the race, African Americans will not vote. It sounds racist, but in Georgia, it surely seems to be true. They simply didn't vote. It is hard to say. I'm not even sure if an Obama visit would have helped. The Democrats did all they could, I think.

Again, I truly am sorry for Georgians like yourself. Not that you need it, but to think that by a resounding majority, Georgians put back into office a man who maligned a triple amputee from the Vietnam war on his first victory and rode back on his second term with Sarah Palin. Now, I guess I am bias. I am smiling.

Amidst all of this, if I were in Georgia, Cape May(NJ) would look awfully good to me. God bless. jda

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