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November 24, 2007
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Plot: Llewelyn Moss (played by Josh Brolin), while hunting antelope, finds a cache of heroin, two million dollars, and several dead bodies. Moss takes the money, but later has guilt.

He is chased throughout the movie by 1)Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), a psychopath who kills everyone in sight looking for the drug money 2)Sheriff Ed Tom Bell (played by Tommy Lee Jones) who wants to solve the crime 3)Carson Wells (Woody Harrelson)hired by a businessman to find the money and who is familar with the Chigurh.

In the meantime, Moss calls his wife, Carla Jean(played by Kelly Macdonald) and tells her to leave town. She calls Sheriff Bell...

Review: There are few movies that I've seen so hyped that were so unsatisfying. No Country For Old Men was one. I think movies should have at least one redemptive quality, preferably a life lesson.

The critics all loved this film, which should have given me a hint. When they like something, I can almost guarantee I won't. Most critics, in my opinion, are a little jaded or cynical or maybe even arrogant.

No Country For Old Men is a great title, but I can't figure out its significance. The Coen brothers wrote the screenplay(adapted from the book by Cormac McCarthy) and directed this movie. I liked Coen brother films like Oh, Brother Where Art Thou and Fargo OK, but not this one.

This story is built around Josh Brolin's character who finds a large stash of money from a drug deal gone bad. In an odd sort of way, Brolin is a winsome guy, the best character in the movie. Tommy Lee Jones is somewhat of a wise sheriff, but the his character does not contribute much to the story. Javier Bardem is the bad guy who is a mean, evil, a maxed out psychopath.

The best line in the movie comes from Brolin to Woody Harrelson who who finds Brolin and tells him the nature of the psychopath chasing him. In trying to establish rapport with Brolin who is a Vietnam veteran, he relates that he also is a Nam vet. Brolin says something like, "And, that is suppose to make us friends?"

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