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Nov 23 2008

gun totin chaplain

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gun totin chaplain

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WWII VETS-Can't miss our opportunity to know them.

By DB and JDA

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Email: A couple of nights ago I was talking to these two regular old guys at the VFW mtg ... one did 13 island landings in the Pacific before he finally was relieved and sent home. Another guy landed on France with the infantry and went all the way to Germany, he is in his 80's and ran a half Marathon last month. The art of listening and engaging these guys is worth the effort, both for them and myself.

I asked the guy who did all the island landings what he thought of Clint Eastwood's film, "Iwo Jima", and if he preferred the American or Japanese perspective? He leaned toward the Japanese (I thought that was an excellent move on Eastwood's part to do that one also). DB

Reply: When I hear of men like this, I always wonder, what is their story and I would love to hear it. I ran into an old guy a few years ago at the Spinaker's Restaurant in Sausalito. What a character! He was fascinating. He was with two fairly attractive and I venture to say younger woman. It was almost impossible not to eavesdrop. He was telling stories about his executions Of Nazi War criminals.

After he left, I asked the waiter if he knew anything about him. The waiter said the guy was an executioner for the US Military for those convicted in the Nuremburg trials.

I wanted to see the guy again, but never did. He drove one of those really expensive Mercedes. We really need to get the stories of all the World War II guys before they pass. JDA


THE Role Of Vets And The Battle of Iwo Jima

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Joseph Malta(executed nazi war criminals)

John Woods(executed nazi war criminals)

Nuremburg Trials

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