November 14, 2007
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martian child movie poster
Martian Child Movie Poster
Martian Child

David: Why did they send you here? You know, the Martians? Dennis: To join a family and to learn human beingness.

I don't want to bring another kid into this world. But how do you argue against loving one that's already here? -David

But then I started doing science and realized the Earth was spinning around the sun at 67,000 miles per hour and I thought "What the heck do I need to be a martian for?" -Dennis

One of the ways that I always judge how much I enjoy a movie; or, better still, the experience of a movie, is how long it stays with me. Martian Child is still with me.

Overall, I think that Martian Child is a movie that shows how much movie critics should be ignored. If those attending, when I did, were a representative sample, then the critics were too effective in panning the movie. I saw it with my two granddaughters and we almost had the theater to ourselves. A shame.

A very poignant movie and one that any parent should want a child to see. Lots of good life lessons were in the film like: Don't look down on someone just because they are different, Don't worry about being different yourself, Be who you are, Walk your own way, Sing your own song. What parent wouldn't want their kid to be their own person?

John Cusack plays David, a winsome guy and a successful science fiction writer. Joan Cusack(John Cusack's real life sister) is great in the film. She is very witty as David's sister.

David adopts Dennis, a troubled youngster, who has created his own world because he was abandoned so many times. Much of the movie is about David's struggle to accept Dennis on his terms while trying to convince him to deal with reality.

Only the movies can create such a story. My granddaughters, by their own admission, were pulling for some sort of healing by the end of the movie, even if they didn't know exactly what that meant. M. O'keefe

To hell with the critics, Martian Child is a good movie and I highly recommend it. 3 parachutes.

3 parachutes

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