November 1, 2006
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FLAGS OF OUR FATHERS. Apparently, the demographic that Flags was searching for has hit the trail.

As an ardent moviegoer, it is easy for me to grasp why Flags has not exactly had huge box office.

I saw Flags and was underwhelmed, mainly because it had a story that was tough to tell: the real story of WW II heroism and an act of flag raising on an obscure rock in the Pacific that was popularized by the media of the day.

The lack of popularity of a movie about war may be a realization that we are a country at war, a very divisive war. In WW II, the country was on board. Well, guess what? Most Americans ain't on board with Iraq. The Iraq war may turn an election. And, this is a mystery.

The low box office revenue of Flags of Our Fathers is no mystery, but how Iraq got to be on the American public's front burner is. Iraq has affected really very few people in a direct way. The economy is good, gas prices are down, and most Americans don't have anyone in the military. Most don't even know anyone who has anyone in the military. So, why has Iraq become the poster war for dissatisfaction in this midterm election? And, why don't people want to see Flags?

A buddy of mine gave me a hint and a pep talk when I was sharing this same sort of stuff with him and lamenting the fact that the vast majority of Americans have no "skin in the game." He said, "Have you ever thought, maybe you aren't giving the American public enough credit?"

I had to think about that one. Maybe, just maybe all these Americans who are, relatively speaking, AWOL(absent without leave) from any kind of "giving back" to their country, have been rethinking their commitment; and, in that process, have thought about how the Iraq war has been mismanaged? Or, are the American people possibly jaded with the prospects of more of the same while the number of dead Americans soldiers is approaching 3000 (more than killed on 9-11)?

Possibly, the American people want to do something about their dissatisfaction with Iraq-possibly a sea change in our Congress. Maybe they are not seeing the movie, Flags, as it makes them even more jaded. Hmmmmmmmmm. This is something to ponder.

A good movie. If you are not in the mood to see it now, wait for the dvd. Two parachutes.

2 parachutes

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