Oct 23 2007
guy holding 2 pheasant birds

Recently, I went on a wonderful trip to North Dakota, pheasant hunting. I had the chance to spend lots of time with one of my old Army buddies.

He is the greatest guy, a right wing fundamentalist, but so nice that you don't notice. I also met his brothers who are great friendly hospitable folks as were all those I have met in the Dakotas; however, they are also typical right-wingers.

At our hunting lodge, which was a mobile home, we had a TV, but could only see what the people in the main house could see, meaning these nice right wing fundamentalists types. (We are stereotyping here a little, but I can assure you that I am not far off the mark: how does to the right of Attila the Hun sound?)

All during the trip, when we were not hunting, we were forced to watch Fox News. I became nauseous. I did watch some of Bill O'Reilly and will have to admit that I was favorably impressed that he didn't interrupt constantly. O'Reilly was interviewing Dennis Miller, whom I like, but thought he was a little full of himself- he put the badmouth on the San Francisco Mayor.

Watching Fox News and talking with my new hunting buddies reinforced one thing I believe- that Hillary can win an election.

The country is so divided that no candidate is going to win a big mandate; but, if the Democrats can get as fervent as the right wing non-thinking types, Hillary can do it.

My favorite candidate is Ron Paul but he doesn't stand a chance, even if I am seeing his bumper stickers in San Francisco.

Anyway, to reinforce my point, we were about to have dinner after a long day of hunting. In an attempt to interject some levity into a conversation with the brother of our host (a Teamster's truck driver for forty years) I said, "I think Hillary can be elected."

These were his exact words, "Anybody who would vote for Hillary doesn't have the morals of a skunk." Now, is that hardcore or what?

We are not going to change these people's minds. They are not going to be objective. They watch Fox News and Rush Limbaugh who just auctioned off some letter written to him by about forty idiot Congressmen(who said he put the badmouth on the troops.)

Even though the money from the auction is going to charity, all these Congressman did by writing the letter was give Rush Limbaugh credibility- someone who has never served in the military(not to mention his other problems). Oh well...I am on a rant. KT

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