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You have Got to Be Kidding Me...
Herman Cain

Herman Cain for President! Talk about a guy that you need to ask, “What have you been smoking?” Cain is one. The racist Republicans would nominate a black man for President? You have got to be s___ing me...

I like Cain, but he’s got to be smarter than that. He’s funny,straightforward, and I especially like his 999 plan(Business Flat Tax – 9% Individual Flat Tax – 9%., National Sales Tax – 9%. )But, he has about as much chance of getting the nomination as a snowball in hell.

The Republican Party is mostly white men, right-wing Christian fundamentalists whose take on the Christian Bible is the worst sort of distortion. They are southern bigots whose IQs top off in the mid double digits and as a “party” have dedicated themselves to defeating the President at the expense of the country. Give me a break. Mitch McConnell from Kentucky should be the nominee: sullen, hateful, an overall a-hole! Please!

Well, Cain now is ahead of Romney in the latest Republican poll and won the Florida straw poll, whatever the hell that is. Florida is the state that put George W in the White House. They sure as hell ought to be proud of that! Here’s what I think. Cain is like a general in the army. He begins to believe the press or the “yes men” around him. The reality: Herman ahould order a pepperoni pizza and drink a six pack and call it a night.

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