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Fleet Week in San Francisco...

This is Fleet Week in San Francisco. It cracks me up every year. First of all, there’s no Navy around anywhere, plus San Francisco has traditionally been hostile to the military. Ask any San Franciscan Vietnam vet and he or she has a story.

One of my buddies tells the story of a fellow vet crossing the street and this hippy-looking type, long hair-looks like he had a bath in the last millennium - comes up beside him and says, looking at the hook where his hand had been, “What happened to your arm, man?” “Got it blown off in Vietnam.” “Serves you right.” He should have killed the MFer and left him bleeding in the street.

This speaks to a new survey by the Pew Research Center where they surveyed over 4000 vets and determined that vets had a greater sense of patriotism than the public at large. DUH!

The American public at large doesn’t give a f__k about those serving. This is more philosophical than real and may sound harsh, but based on the fact that you have half of one percent of eligible Americans who serve, what conclusion can be drawn.

We’re in two “sorry” wars, just like Vietnam. Soldiers just did their duty in Nam and years later, we wrestled with what it all meant. At least now, on an overt level, Americans give lip service in favor of the troops with bumper stickers, donations, and lots of praise and recognition. So...let’s accept. God bless the troops!

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