A Good Rejection, Writers Rejections, Chaplains are targeted
Oct 03 2007
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Great newspaper article of the book, Gun Totin Chaplain and interview with author.

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I've had so many rejections over the years, but I occasionally get one that I call, a " good rejection." I got one recently, well, it wasn't all that good, but I pretended it was when I called the agent back. She was so f...kin' arrogant that I wish I had told her what a big "B" she was.

But, I shouldn't feel too badly. I recently read that Ann Frank's diary was deemed by some publisher as dull. OK? Another turned down Pearl Buck's Good Earth(1932 Pulitzer Prize winning novel).

Another agent put the bad mouth on one of my favorite authors, Tony Hillerman. She told him to get rid of all that Indian stuff(The main character in his books is a Navajo Indian). You've got to be kidding me. Funny as all get out.

One interesting story is the rejections of Jack Kerouac. We have almost made him a saint as of late, but before, On The Road, hit, he was about to be put on the slush file of history for his "frenetic and scrambling" writing. That aside, I was intrigued to hear that when Kerouac did score with On The Road, he was in Florida and had to borrow $25 to get to New York. Now that will make us wannabe strugglers grin. kt
guntotin chaplain cover
Gun Totin Chaplain available on Amazon.com
Recently, a sniper manual was discovered on the internet. It spelled out how snipers were to target doctors, chaplains, medics, and engineers in Iraq. Killing chaplains would supposedly have a psychological effect.

There was also a laundry list of potential targets including unit commanders, officers, and pilots. Also targeted were specialists such as communications officers to prevent calls for reinforcements- tank crews, artillery crews, and engineers.

According to reports, there have been 16 definite sniper initiated deaths against the Americans. Cutting off the "the head of the snake"(guess who) is the goal.

I loved this in the manual about Special Operations Forces: "They are very stupid because they have a Rambo complex, thinking that they are the best in the world. Don't be arrogant like them?" Give me a break.

Who produced the manual? A good question. Since America has no end to enemies, I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to figure out that it is an insurgent sympathizer who wants to hurt America. How about some Islamic type living in America who has enjoyed the good life and wants to make a contribution to worldwide Islamic domination?

The context of this manual for instance, is hardly written by an ignorant and sexually repressed Muslim Iraqi in Iraq fighting against the infidels but rather someone who is familiar with American culture, i. e., the Rambo complex comment.

Supposedly, there are five million radical muslims in the world dedicated to stamping out all vestiges of anything but Islam. I think we can reasonably be assured that a few of them live in our great country, have assess to the internet, and would create a manual for killing Americans in Iraq.

It can't be said enough these people are nuts and no matter what we do, no American propaganda publicity campaign, no amount of money, no amount of rebuilding Iraq-nothing-will change their mind. We will always be according to the people who write this type of manual: infidels, snakes, demons, or, as it has been said many times before, America, the evil aggressor. KT(originally published December 4, 2007)

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