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October 01 2008
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Barney's #1 Fan

What Barney Says

by Kelly Thomas

One of my heroes is Barney Franks who is the Democratic "point man" on the bailout fiasco, (which, as of this writing, failed and the Congress is on Jewish Holiday).Barney is the House Financial Services Chairman.

What endears Barney to me is that he is not terribly unlike Barney and Friends on TV's Discovery Channel, watched by my three year old granddaughter, Lilly. On TV's Barney, they end with "Barney Says."- little lessons on living life that 3 year olds get.

Well, in the financial bailout, the bankers and those related who have gotten us into this mess could use a little "Barney says."

Most of the bankers should remember "Barney Says" from a former encounter. Barney(Franks) was a last minute substitute for some big bankers association. Here they are at this big gathering, waiting to be told how great they are. Barney gets up and "flays the sheep" so to speak. He tells them how sorry they are and how they are responsible for the many ills which Americans face. He tells them they don't care for the poor, adinfinitum; and, just as he is getting warmed up, someone is heard to say, "Who invited this guy?"

What makes this amazingly remarkable is that this was several years ago; but, in light of this present crisis, it is like yesterday. So, what am I saying? Well, along with Warren Buffet (although the majority of the "girlfriends" say that Warren is part of the same group as Paulson and consequently has a vested interest), I trust Barney to keep our best interest at heart.

For most of us, we don't understand how this has happened. We surely can't see into the future to see what might happen if we don't do something. How can we know? The ones who got us into this mess and lined their pockets don't even know. So for now, it is What Barney Says.

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