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Palestinian State
Do The Right Thing

Politics by it’s very nature is at best compromise and at worst, corruptive. Most of us Americans who “think” and have a smidgen of faith in the process keep hoping that we’ll see something truly unusual in the President. I remain a supporter, as I think as politicians go, he has “given at the office,” meaning really tried to be the president of all the people. However, governing is different than campaigning, and in his case even though supportive, I see politics and re-election intruding more and more.

I want to see the President “rising above it all. Doing the right thing.” To hell with his advisors, the political process, his own conciliatory nature and simply as my dad would say, “Do what’s right.”

I think the Palestinian statehood at the UN may be one of those times where the President has a chance to do the right thing and f__k the politics.(Yesterday, Abbas, president of Palestinian authority, submitted his application for statehood to the UN) As a country, we are always going to support and defend Israel. To my Dad, it was a Biblical thing- so complicated that he couldn’t explain but would roughly say, “Don’t f__k with the Jews or God will get you.”

But, everyone needs a home and a country. Come on! What in the f__k is the big deal other than politics. Politicians can explain why Palestine can’t be a country but it doesn’t really hold water. It may even sound naive but what real difference would it make? None in the big picture from my perspective as I don’t know s__t, but I do know what it means to “do the right thing.”

I don’t even know who the hell the Jewish lobby is but obviously they wield lots of influence;however, this might be a case where the President “rolls the dice” and says, “I’m doing the right thing, f__k you very much.”

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