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September 19 2008
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Stand Up To Cancer
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I visited Dunn, North Carolina with my husband Steve. It is the most charming little town I think I've experienced. Southern hospitality literally emanates from all. And, visiting the General William C. Lee museum was like taking a trip back to WW ll and D-Day. I recommend Dunn to all.

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by Kelly Thomas

Recently, I took a trip back to North Carolina to see my brothers. I do this about every three months or so. I knew that it was going to be hard to avoid politics, but didn't realize truly how difficult it would be.

Politically, most are not on a different planet, but rather a different galaxy. I have to shake my head because of this "sea change." Growing up, simply everybody was a Democrat. On this trip, I felt like what someone once said, "A lonely wanderer on a wind swept sea."

A few times I was the only Democrat in a room full of people, in other words, two shakes from being "stoned." For my brothers, other than me, my Dad is turning over in his grave repeatedly. But, my Dad, in my opinion, if alive today, would not be sold on the idea that the South has changed. Sorry Dad.

There is simply no reasoning to their position. I gave my view: "Forget the candidates, tell me one thing that is right with the country." Do we want four more years of "W." NO COMMENT.

I then said something like "When things happen on a person's watch, even if it is politics, the leader has to take the 'hit'." I got "the nobody's home look".

"I hope this is not prejudice since we have a black man running for President." "Oh no", everyone says. Ok, I believe that.

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