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The Republican Debates

I listened to the Republican debate Wednesday night. It was almost comical. The politicians go to the same school. Calling it a debate is funny. They get asked a question, never even make a stab at it, but talk about something else entirely. (The political school that they all go to: “When asked a question, never answer it, but answer what you wish you had been asked").

To be honest, I liked Rick Perry, the anointed front runner, mainly because he didn’t shy away from the hard stuff, the sacred cow of Social Security. He gets a plus in my eyes because Dick Cheney and Karl Rove put the bad mouth on him. He might be a “snake oil salesman” but if those two charlatans don’t like him, he can’t all be bad. John Huntsman sure was animated. I heard him interviewed a week ago and he was unbelievably boring. Seven kids automatedly should disqualify him. As well as Romney and Michelle Bachman. Please!! When Huntsman says, I have seven kids, my question is why? If you want to set an example for Americans who can hardly afford any, to be bragging about your seven seems out of place, at least to me. And then there’s Newt. Think we are going to forget divorcing his wife when she had cancer? And, Ron Paul comes across as a crotchety old man who is against everything, i. e., even loud crinkling of paper. The most interesting guy was the African American, Herman Caine. He was a d___ sight more entertaining than any of them and he had some good ideas. And, the guy from PA,(Rick Santorum) he was like “lost in the train station.” The Republicans have a stated goal: defeat the President at all costs. D___ if I think any of these can do it.

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