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September 4, 2008
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frozen river poster
Frozen River Poster
Frozen River

Reviewers: M, O'Keefe

Frozen River is one of those movies I chose to see on the basis of a review. I don't usually do this as reviewers like Ebert and Roeper are way too clever for me, but Stephen Holden (from the New York Times-see end of article) described the lead character Ray Eddy in such a way that I had to see the movie.

I was not disappointed, either. Melissa Leo who plays Ray Eddy is a single mother down on her luck who gets involved in illegal immigrant smuggling. Melissa Leo was great as were all the actors, none of which I had seen before.

Frozen River is a compelling story in the hard scrabble life of people in upper state New York where the weather is cold and miserable. The plot revolves around tenuous and troubled relationships. Not a scene in the movie makes one smile; although one ethical dilemma made me sigh in satisfaction.

I can't tell much more about Frozen River less I give it away; but, in an odd sort of way, it is a celebration of motherhood. What I came away with was a renewed realization of the "Haves" and "Have nots"; the chasm is enormous as this movie so aptly displays.

The movie shows an underbelly of survival which should make us "Haves" somewhat ashamed or at least reflective. If I were to say that anything in our country had changed over the last several years, it would be the disappearance of pluralism. In my view, not a strict definition of pluralism, but a belief that it is the responsibility of the "Haves" to make sure that the "have nots" are not abandoned. Often it appears that the haves are merely content to improve their wealth.

Good, good movie. See it. Three Parachutes.

3 parachutes

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