August 31, 2008
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Age Well
Age Well!
Reviewer: KT

As a disclaimer, I dislike the expression, "getting older" as it inevitably becomes a part of our mantra, i. e., we read the obituary and give special attention to people younger than we are who have gone on to their rewards.

We often have a "pain of the week or day as we age and we are tempted to ascribe most things to age. Well, without charging into an overwhelming philosophy, let us say, simply, WE AGE.

For most of us, quality of life issues are first and foremost the important issue. One of the problems is that we want to continue to do what we've always done but simply cannot and facing this is no easy prospect.

Age Well is an interesting book which basically spells out what we already know: we are indeed getting older. DUH!

What was useful especially was the naming of the aging process which was helpful; 60-74 is the young old. At this stage, we are attempting to stay as healthy as we can. Then it is 75-84 which is the old old, often illnesses are multiple; then the last category is the very old, 85 plus. The secret according to the book is that we work to stay healthy; and, as we do, our growing older years become more of a fade to darkness rather than the lights being turned off.

The book is chocked full of good stuff and cited studies. I especially liked the approach that much of how we age becomes a function of personality. It really is a "glass is half full as opposed to half empty" philosophy.

Dr. Robert Palmer, the author, is the head of the Geriatric Medicine Section at Cleveland Clinic; which, according to the cover is ranked as one of the top hospitals in the country. I don't know about that, but I can fully endorse this book: it especially fits someone who loves to see things by the "numbers"-If you do the things differently and better , your chances of remaining healthy are greater. Good, good guide for growing older.

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