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Sharon Meitrott...
August 25, 1953----November 9, 2012
collage of sharon meitrott
Collage of Memorable Photos Of Sharon Meitrott

August 25th is Sharon's Birthday. Sharon passed last year. We love and miss you Sharon. The comments below were posted last year. We will never forget...

Sharon Meitrott was a wonderful friend who passed Friday, November 9, 2012. Sharon loved the San Francisco giants. She even attended the Giants training camp this year and was delighted when they won the world series. Sharon finished the season.

collage of sharon meitrott
Sharon Loved the San Francisco Giants

She was unexcelled as a friend. She always stayed in contact. Remarkable. Sharon was a person who never took the "hard knocks" of life personally. She never held grudges against others and was never resentful. She went out of her way to help others, even those who had not treated her the best. A very special person, one in a million, probably one in a hundred million who treated others better than the others treated her. All unconditional. Always unconditional.

We love you and miss you Sharon. God Bless you on your journey.

Sharon Meitrott( obit in newspaper)

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The following commentary was made during the days following Sharon's interment ceremony, Friday, August 24, 2013 and her birthday Saturday August 25 2013.

A Beautiful Day
For Sharon...
sfran giants win august 25 2013
Sharon's Favorite team, San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants won yesterday, August 26, 2013. Sharon's Favorite team........ We celebrated Sharon this weekend on her birthday and her favorite team won. Sharon got a Giants WIn for her birthday and a beautiful SF Day!!!

Grief and Closure
jda originally posted 08/26/2013

I have never particularly liked the word, “closure,” because it implies that this is it, nothing else to be done, finished, next case. We know, of course, that grief works in different ways, for different ones. However, yesterday(Sunday April 26,2013), I experienced a type of closure that was “right on.”

It was a celebration of our good friend, Sharon Meitrott's life. She died a year ago. At that time, we had a wonderful celebration of who she was. In this case the husband had a ceremony of placing the ashes in this “see through” case. Hard to describe but it really was sweet. The casual way that we watched and celebrated who she was. When I think of ashes, I think of spreading them somewhere. This was different and I think for those present, a celebration. A closure.

Sharon Meitrott
jda, August 27, 2013
sharon interment ceremony

Above are items buried with Sharon's ashes during her interment ceremony this past weekend. Not included are a baseball and glove and several San Francisco Giants souvenirs. Sharon loved her San Francisco Giants. We will never forget our Sharon.

For Nick
Sharon's Husband
jda, August 29, 2013
sharon meitrott

Nick, if I'm not mistaken, today, August 29, 2013 is your anniversary. You brought Sharon so much happiness. Your short time together equals a lifetime with most marriages. Thanks again for the recent great celebrations of her life. Today, I will especially be aware of your great love for each other and it will bring all of us who loved and appreciated her, joy and peace. God bless you.

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