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A Raz Autry Story Wine-Making
a collage of George Raz Autry
Collage of Our Dear Brother Raz

Raz Autry passed away April 18 2012. He did so many things for his family and friends. Many of those anonymously. We will forever miss Raz and we will continue to place stories about Raz from time to time on our website to kee his memory alive.

The following is a story from one of his brothers.

My brother Raz died last April at the young age of 83. He was the greatest and we still miss him and are collecting Raz stories. He was a retired school superintendent and had transitioned to being a gentleman farmer. here’s a Raz story:

My brother Raz was always interested in about everything that crossed his path. On a visit to California, we took a trip into Wine Country (NAPA Valley/Sonoma). He was intrigued by all the wine and energy devoted to the making of it. On the spot, he decided he would become a vintner. We started a hunt for a wine press. Excited to the max, he was already growing grapes. “Look out NC, we will have wine by the next time you come to NC,” he excitedly told me. Now, we are talking about a man who doesn’t even drink alcohol. Nothing.

Fast forward about a year. We are ready to launch the wine. It is bottled. He pours me a glass. Drum roll. I taste it. At best, the wine tastes like kerosene or worse. I say, “not bad for a first run”. He is so excited. I felt like I was in the throes of “the Emperor has no clothes.” I should tell him that without a doubt, he could power his tractors with this wine. Coward. I could not. In a miraculous way I got the first glass down and nursed the other till I could sneakily pour it down the kitchen sink. Obviously at some point down the road somebody told him that he had produced an alternate fuel source.

For my part I had many a good laugh with my friends and my brother who was great at laughing at himself. For my buds, “My brother is into wine. Give this a try.” The look on their faces—Should they tell me how awful or not. Most remained my friends. My brother did try it as an alternate fuel. He never confessed whether it worked or not.

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