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The loss of a single life in our two present wars is sad beyond words. But, the loss of this group of elite soldiers is (the 30 American soldiers who died, most of them Navy Seals when the helicopter was shot down this past Saturday in Afghanistan. Deadlist lost in the 10 year Afghanistan War) is incalculable. These guys are the best of the best. Having taken a brief (what they called it in those days, the gentleman’s prefix 3 course), I can say with absolute certainty, these guys can truly scale any building, climb any mountain. They are Superman.

With only 1% of Americans with any involvement in the two questionable wars, to be proud of these elite soldiers goes beyond what any might say. To die in a “hook” which is like flying a small house is questionable. Under any circumstances, these things are targets. In Vietnam, we use to say about helicopters, “any little old lady” with a WW I Springfield rifle could knock them out of the sky. And, from what it appears, they were brought down by a rocket-propelled grenade. Even a rebel fighter from Libya couldn’t miss. navy seals training at ocean shore

It is easy to be a Monday morning quarterback, second guessing this decision, but truly, it doesn’t make any sense. From what I read, everyone knew the Taliban were everywhere. Why would they take a chance? Relying on luck won’t hack it. I’m not going to say anymore. Just wait and see. For now, like any American who cares, I’m just going to be sad or angry. I’m grieving.

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