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Domestic Terrorists ...
The Stock Market Drop

The president caved on the debt ceiling negotiations. Let’s face it. Would I have done the same thing? Yes. He was a hostage for God’s sake. I agree with an assessment from a Democratic Congresswoman who called the Republicans, “radical.” That does not even come close. Let’s call it what it is. Those MFers are something akin to domestic terrorists in my opinion. It is not violence, but in some ways, worse! Holding a figurative “chokehold” to the throat of the president, those who disagee with them and to the American people who care. What the f__k do you call them? As my mom would say, “Scandalous.”

Thursday(August 4, 2011), the stock market dropped 512 points. Now many people want to blame the president. My advice to him is get out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Getting out of these wars would free up major bucks. I would also tell him don't give up on raising taxes on the super wealthy. The Republicans need to realize that raising taxes on the wealthy will not plunge us into a deeper recession, no more than anything else we have already tried. Reagan and Clinton raised taxes and we had a booming economy.

Again, if this Super Congress- that has to be formed as part of the debt ceiling bill-doesn't compromise on something, the Defense budget will be cut fifty percent. Our soldiers, their families, and veterans benefits will be cut. Cuts to domestic programs like Medicaid and Medicare will be cut which will hurt the poor and economically disadvantaged seniors.

Yes, even with a compromise by the "Super Congress" we will still have debt and cuts will be made. But there's got to be a way or at least an effort to help those most vulunerable. It's time for the Prez and the Democrats to grow a backbone and not be intimated by the Republicans. Forget about the election 2012 and do what's best for the American people-for those who care and don't-and especially those in need.

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