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Term Limits

The president has signed the bill increasing the debt ceiling. Hooah-Not!!! The signing has solved nothing. At the end of November a super congressional committee made of Republican and Democrats are mandated to come up more spending cuts. If this super committee can't agree, automatic cuts to defense and domestic programs go into effect. These cuts will most likely hurt soldiers, veterans, the poor, and seniors. Cuts in Troop recruitment, veteran benefits, medicare cuts.... Looks like the disenfranchised and poor will be hurt the most.

Based on the debacle in Washington on raising the “debt limit,” the timing is perfect to push for “term limits.” Up until now, there’s been no political will for it, but with eighty percent of those polled saying the Congress is dysfunctional— THIS IS THE TIME! And, what reasonable person cannot agree. It is f___ing insane witnessing the posturing, the out and out spinning that borders on lies.

Politically, It is the best thing we have going for us in California. The professional politicians hate it and it is no perfect solution, but at least eventually, they have to go. It would be good for the country.

HOW COULD YOU BRING THIS ABOUT? One way, every single candidate running for public office would have to declare their support for “term limits.” And, why would they do that as it would mean voting themselves out of a job? They pledged. Still, it is highly unlikely. The politicians lie, they do things locally that cur favor. But, overall, we have an apathetic electorate. Less than fifty percent bother to vote and this “American people” that the president and the politicians keep talking about doesn’t exist. Rather, it is: “Americans that give a s___” Still, even with this pessimistic view, I still think it’s worth a shot. Think TERM LIMITS!!!

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