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And The Debt Ceiling

I’ve never really liked Mike Mullen, the outgoing Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. It’s nothing personal. A Navy weinie can’t really grasp what it means to be an infantry soldier, but all that BS is beside the point.

What I think amounts to something akin to whale manure is the fact that watching him talk to young soldiers in Afghanistan about the debt ceiling—telling a young soldier that he might not get paid was beyond the pale. What stupid MF would stand up in front of combat soldiers and talk about a subject like the debt ceiling. Damn if anybody I know would do it. Give me a break!

Soldiers whose lives are on the line constantly and living from paycheck to paycheck, away from home, worried already and Mullen suggests a possible “no payday.” If those bumbling idiots in Washington don’t get it together, soldiers will still be paid, plain and simple.

(8:40 pm Sunday Night eastern time, the President announces there is a debt deal. No vote taken place yet. Let's just hope it passes.)

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