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Nguyen Cao Ky Dies At 80

postcard card that says Voyage To Vietnam
Voyage From Vietnam

The above photo is much like the departure from this life of Nguyen Cao Ky, the former leader of South Vietnam. Ky was hardly a notable figure in South Vietnam when fellow military officers voted him as their coup leader. Ky just died at 80. In some ways, he represented America’s mismanagement and missteps. He was a colorful character who liked purple socks and scarves. I think I remember that he packed a pair of pearl handled pistols. However, he was not nearly as smart nor as as cunning as the leadership in our main war now, Afghanistan. They know how to get American bucks big time. Ky never got that.

KY returned to Vietnam recently. It was pretty sentimental for the aging Ky. He said, “Last night, I thought, ‘30 years ago I cried because I left my homeland.’ (A place he last saw from his helicopter as he fled in defeat). And today, I cried once again because I found my homeland.”

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Nguyen Cao KY Dies At 80

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