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Mass Murder
Tragedy in Norway

There is no way to explain the mass murder in Norway. It defies any kind of explanation.A right-wing Christian fundamentalist is responsible. What the f___ ? Crazy is the only word I know and that doesn’t describe it.

How does a rational enlightened society deal with it? D___ if I know. It is this crazy, nuts, sicko. It is Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber. The list pf reasons why is endless: revenge, payback, killing the sorry perpetrators. I say bring back public hangings. I don’t really know the answer. How does a people deal with the mass murder of their children? It is too horrific to contemplate. For me, it makes me believe in hell. The idea that someone so evil and delusional will at least experience the torment of burning forever.

I don’t usually quote the Bible because most who do, do it wrongly and out of context but I found this bible verse and it gave me comfort. (Slightly paraphrased) For if God did not have pity for the angels who did evil, but sent them down into hell, to be kept in chains of eternal night till they were judged.2 Peter 2:4

I am doing all I can do. Sending good thoughts and prayers. My hope for the loved ones is that their pain can at some time down the road be transformed into lasting and tangible memories of the potential of those lost. God bless all.

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