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A Friend Remembered
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I saw the Nam story on AP about brushing your teeth. I remember my friend Dexter Hawley who I was in Boy Scouts with. Dexter, me and some other scouts went swimming at Blue Lake near Lillington (it was basically a gravel pit and the water was clear and it had cliffs to dive off of). A lot of GI's from Fort Bragg went there. The GI's had their girlfriends with them and they swam naked....needless to say us young boys were mesmerized.

Anyway Dexter (nickname Pixie) was a couple of years older than the rest of us and he would chew Red Man tobacco not as a habit but to have fun with it to see how far he could spit. Anyway, he would spit on 3 or 4 of the guys with us (who he thought were whiners) and get the biggest kick out of it. They would wash off in the lake and as soon as they got out he would spit on them again! I can still hear his laugh! Dexter later had received his Eagle Scout and went to Fayetteville Tech and got his Associates degree in Electronics and then joined the Air Force. He stayed in 4 years and got hired at a big computer company in Denver Colorado after his enlistment ended. Not long after he got hired he was killed in a car accident.

I was home on leave and was supposed to be a paul-bearer at Dexter's funeral but could not as my ship was scheduled to ship out for a 7 month Med cruise the following day! I remember one thing that Dexter used to say if he wasn't thrilled about something "I don't know about you but it ain't happening here"! Dexter was so fun to be around and he laughed often!

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