July 22 2008

rush limbaugh on new york times cover (Nigel Parry for The New York Times )


by Kelly Thomas

I once had a blog called, Most Americans Are Stupid. I deleted it after the last election mainly because the voting public surprised me.

I became jaded on the idea that our President had poll numbers almost like he does today and still got elected.

My big thing was the war. How could we be so stupid after Vietnam to get ourselves into an impossible situation like Iraq? Hence, I had the need to write about it in a blog; but, after the election and regaining faith in my fellow Americans, in honor of them, I deleted the blog-not that anyone was staying up nights reading it anyway.

I feel, in many ways, it is time for the blog again. Why? Well, Rush Limbaugh for one thing. Honestly, talk about flummoxed. Here is a guy who was a dope-head and should have gone to jail. He used his maid to get the drugs for him and yet he is supposedly in command of an over 38 mil salary per year with 20 million listeners daily. Who are these people who would listen to this guy?

Kathryn Rogers and Limbaugh in Miami Beach.

Photo: John Parra/Wireimage/Getty Images (John Parra/Wireimage/Getty Images )
The New York Times Magazine did a centerpiece on him a couple of weeks ago. To give such a guy this much ink is amazing and reduces a magazine like the Times in statue by at least fifty percent in my mind.

Still, twenty million Americans listening to anything this blowhard has to say simply floors me. In the same somewhat category is Howard Stern. How does it happen! Stern almost commands an entire radio hemisphere; and yet, if you were to remove the "F" word and a few others, his vocabulary would be reduced by about fifty percent. Crude is not even close to the word.

Again, who are these people who listen to Stern or Limbaugh? In my biased view, the best we can hope for is that these listerners of these bigoted a'holes don't vote. Maybe it is time once again for my...Americans are Stupid blog!

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